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Portgas D Ace is a character from the manga One Piece. He is the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates (Shirohige Kaizokudan) and Luffy’s brother-in-law, and His nickname isFire Fist Ace. He is distinguished by his orange ten-gallon hat, the Whitebeard Pirates (Shirohige Pirates) logo on his back. His bounty is 550 million berries.

Unlike Luffy, he is polite and sensible but also has a fast-paced side, such as suddenly falling asleep while eating. He is not bad at all. He is clumsy and disciplined, such as making shades without the assistance of his friends and kicking his father-in-law’s advice to chase offenders, even though he cannot weave well due to his ability described below.

He is a master of the natural devil fruit “Meramera-no-Fruit,” which can turn his body into flames. His ability is exceptionally high, and he has never been defeated by Luffy, who has been eating the gum-rubber fruit since he had not yet become a supernatural being.

He is the natural son of the pirate king Gor D. Roger, and he hates Roger because of his infamous childhood when he was despised as an “ogre’s child” due to Roger’s infamy.

He loves Whitebeard as his “father” and aspires to make Whitebeard the pirate king. However, he was defeated by Blackbeard when he single-handedly pursued Blackbeard, who had committed the great crime of killing his comrades. Fearing Roger’s blood, he was executed by the Navy, which triggered the world-shaking Battle of Marine Ford.

Real NamePortgas D. Ace
NicknameFire Fist ace
Age20 years old
Height103cm (at age 10) → 185cm (Chapter 1: Supernova Arc)
Bounty550 million berries
AffiliationCaptain of the Spade Pirates → Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates
ShipPeace of Spadil→Moby Dick, Striker
Devil FruitMera Merano Mi
High PowerHigh King Color, Armament Color, Hear and See Color
Place of BirthSouth Sea, Baterilla
Place of DeathMarineFord, The Great Voyage
BirthdayJanuary 1(Trump Card A=1)
Blood TypeType S (type O in reality)
FavoriteBear casserole (at age 10), Bhut Jolokia peperoncino (Supernova version)
FamilyGold D. Roger (father), Portgas D. Rouge (mother), Sabo (brother-in-law), Monkey D. Luffy (brother-in-law)
First AppearanceVolume 17, Episode 154 “To Alabasta”


He is a good-looking man with slightly quirky black hair, freckles, and a smiling face similar to Luffy’s. He wears an orange ten-gallon hat, a relief of an animal (probably a cow), and black shorts.

He wears an orange ten-gallon hat with a relief of a skeleton of an animal (probably a cow) and black shorts. He also wears a red bead necklace around his neck, an orange elbow pad, a red and white ring on his left arm, and a log purse on his right arm. The ethnic ornaments and some of their techniques, such as “firearms,” are somewhat reminiscent of gunmen in western movies.

He also wears a large knife on his waist. Still, there is no description of its use as a weapon except in the assassination attempt on Shirohige since he fights with his body technique using his Mera Mera fruit ability.

He is naked with nothing on his upper body, exposing his well-balanced muscular body. On his left shoulder, he wears the letters “ASCE” (S with an O over it), the name of himself and a specific person, and on his back has tattooed the symbol of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Portgas D Ace Personality

As a boy, he was a brat with a vicious temperament who would lash out at everything he touched due to feeling alienated by the fact that his father was Roger, but his character gradually rounded out when he met Luffy.

He learned courtesy from Makino that he would eventually have to thank Luffy’s benefactor properly. By the time he became independent, he had become a very kind man to his friends.

He became a kind and gentle man with a good personality, and he never showed open hostility toward anyone unless it was someone he was not comfortable.

The Straw Hat gang was surprised when they met him for the first time, saying, “I thought he was a selfish bastard who was trying to get Luffy killed,” and “He’s a good guy who loves his little brother…! He is a good guy who loves his brother…!

He loves a party and will often board a pirate ship that is having a good time and join in the party. He is a greedy eater, even more so than Luffy, and his appetite does not wane even after eating dozens of food at a restaurant. In addition, he does not pay for his food.

Moreover, he has learned the art of politeness, so he bows and says, “Gochisoso sama desu” (thank you for the food) without leaving a single word behind. In this respect, both brothers are similar.

Deep down, they are terrified of losing their “loved ones” and impulsively fear that they may lose what is dear to them if they flee from their enemies. Therefore, no matter what enemy he faces, he may let his friends escape, but he never tries to escape himself.

This kind of personality considerably changed his fate during the pursuit of Blackbeard, the duel on Banora Island, and the Marine Ford Summit War. According to Shanks, Ace’s character is just like that of Captain Roger.

However, while he feels indebted to his mother for giving birth to him at the cost of his own life, he hates his father, who gave birth to the infamous name of “Roger’s son” that haunts his heart and energy, and he considers his father to be “Whitebeard” only. He seems to have revealed to Luffy that Roger is his father.


He has a habit of falling asleep suddenly, sometimes in the middle of a meal or conversation. Even when he slams his face into a plate with some food left on it, he still falls asleep and does not wake up quickly, even if he causes a big commotion.

Moreover, since he falls asleep without warning, some people around him even suspect that he has suddenly died. As a side note, Garp and Luffy share this habit.

Portgas DAce Ability

Devil Fruit

Devil fruitMera Mera Fruit(Natural)
AbilityTransforms body into fire and manipulates flames

A natural-type ability that can transform the body into a blazing fire, and The natural strength is that it does not accept damage from most physical attacks. Still, they can expand it to a wide area depending on the ability of the person with the knowledge and their will can adjust it freely. Maximized to its fullest extent, it can instantly explode and burn down houses and sailing vessels. It can also shoot out small fireballs like bullets or create a mass of flame that can inflict physical damage. Of course, anything hit by these attacks is instantly set ablaze.

In a somewhat unusual use, Ace’s “Striker,” a small surfboard-like boat, is powered by Melamera’s ability to start its engines by burning flames at its feet, allowing it to move freely through the ocean. Portgas D Ace used this ship and its ability to reverse the Great Passage to search for Teach.

Although he has no weaknesses, he is one of the few natural enemies of the “Magmagu no Mi,” a type of devil fruit with a fixed superordinate relationship to the others.

The abilities of Magmagu no Mi cannot inflict any damage with their Mera Mera no Mi abilities. On the contrary, they are unilaterally damaged by the other side’s attacks.

In addition, although the details are unknown, it is said that the power of the fruit alone cannot defeat the opponent with the ability of Mokumoku-no-Fruit due to the affinity that flames burn objects and smoke is created.
Thus, because it is a natural ability called “fire,” if it is a match against an ordinary enemy, it is often affected by the affinity before the high power.

At first glance, it seems to be a trick that can perform instantly because of the “fire” characteristic, but because any ability depends significantly on the knowledge and skill of the user, even if the command is handy if the user lacks the ability and skill, the range of use is minimal. The power of the knowledge of the devil’s fruit is often hardly demonstrated. In other words, managing the devil’s fruit is only sometimes practical. In other words, the ability of Mera Mera Mera no Mi has become extremely powerful in both offense and defense, thanks to the influence of Portgas D Ace power and training to the utmost limit.

Although Luffy can expand and contract his body, he still had a hard time controlling his “rubber gun” in the past, and his “fire fist,” which transforms his body into flames more unstable than rubber, cannot be used with ordinary strength. (Conversely, in the case of a highly convenient ability, if you are an influential person, you will be able to use it easily.

Combat Power

He has been physically strong since he was a boy. Even before joining the Whitebeard Pirates, he boasts a highly essential fighting ability that rivals that of Kaidou’s son, Yamato. Even before joining the Whitebeard Pirates, his basic fighting skills were so high that he was comparable to those of Kaido’s son, Yamato, even before he joined the Whitebeard Pirates. He is so strong that he has been trained even more since joining Whitebeard’s pirates.

He has grown to the point of allowing Whitebeard to use his wobbly fruit ability, showing his ability to compete with the Four Emperors. Although it is an anime original, he once used a pebble to knock off a bullet fired from his pistol.

During HisChildhood

Because of the harsh environment in which he was raised, even at the age of 10, he could go toe-to-toe with Sabo (in his youth) and eventually overwhelm him, boasting outstanding physical strength and fighting ability.

Even then, he was so strong that he could easily snap a tree or break a rock and cause a stone to fall and take down a thug with ease.

His weapon of choice was an ordinary iron pipe. In the animated version, he defeats a giant tiger with a single blow.

2 Years Before

He has the skill to cross over to Blackbeard while under attack, and Van Auger also appreciates Portgas D Ace strength.

Portgas D Ace Haki

He has mastered all three types of Ha-Ha-Ki and normal Ha-Ha-Ki almost entirely on his own (it has been revealed in the novel version and “ONEPIECE magazine” that he had mastered normal Ha-Ha-Ki).

He has the qualities of Haohki, which he developed momentarily in his childhood when Luffy was in a pinch, but has since learned to control it on his own, and has such a powerful Haohki that he was able to defeat Hammond.

He was recruited to the Shichibukai and had fought in the New World with a Haki-user like Jinbei, so it seems that he had already mastered normal Haki (in the novel version, depicted the scene where he first dominated haki of armed colors). In a battle with “Blackbeard” Marshall D. Teach, he was surprised when he was hit by Yami Yami no Mi’s ability, and Teach even said to him, “It’s been a long time since you’ve been hit, hasn’t it? Teach said, “It’s been a long since you’ve been punched.

In the New World, where Portgas D Ace was active, many people have mastered the High Energy (to begin with, the strongest people have mastered the colors of Armor and Hear and See). Even in a natural type, the environment is supposed to be tricky. Still, the fact that Portgas D Ace has lived for a long time without being hit, even in such an environment, shows how high his essential combat ability, including High Energy, is. This fact shows the high level of Ace’s important fighting ability, including his high spirit.

In fact, before joining the Whitebeard Pirates, he had mastered haki (almost by himself) and defeated a Navy lieutenant general shortly afterward.

Portgas D Ace Major Battles

  • Ace and Sabo vs. Porchemy
  • Ace vs. Monkey D. Luffy (multiple times)
  • Ace vs. Sabo (multiple times)
  • Ace and Curly Dadan vs. Bluejam
  • Ace vs. Isuka
  • Ace vs. Draw
  • Ace vs. Yamato
  • Ace vs. Jinbe
  • Spade Pirates vs. Whitebeard
  • Ace vs. Whitebeard (at least 100 times)
  • Ace vs. Doma and his crew (unseen)
  • Ace vs. Smoker
  • Ace vs. Billions fleet
  • Ace vs. Van Augur and Jesus Burgess
  • Ace vs. Marshall D. Teach
  • Ace and Monkey D. Luffy vs. Marines
  • Ace vs. Admiral Aokiji
  • Ace vs. Admiral Akainu

Filler Battles

  • Ace vs. Naguri
  • Ace, Monkey D. Luffy, and Sabo vs. a giant tiger
  • Ace, Monkey D. Luffy, and Sabo vs. Bluejam’s men
  • Ace and Thatch vs. Decalvan Brothers (offscreen)
  • Ace and Monkey D. Luffy vs. Billions (Nanohana)
  • Ace vs. Scorpion
  • Ace vs. Impel Down guards (Impel Down)

Portgas DAce Tricks

Tricks Used In The Original

  • Heat Haze

It is a technique in which flames are sent out in response to an opponent’s attack or rush, interrupting the spell.

It was the first technique that Portgas D Ace demonstrated in the original work and was used to protect Luffy from Smoker’s attack, but it is challenging to know the details because he only described it for a moment.

In video games, it is often depicted as a technique to attack an opponent with flames.

In the movie “ONE PIECE STAMPEDE,” Sabo, who inherited the Mera Mera fruit, uses the same technique.

  • FireFist

Portgas D Ace fist of fire made huge by maximizing its firepower, burns everything in its path.

It originates from the nickname “Ace of Fire Fists” and is one of Ace’s most famous special moves. It boasts enough destructive power to sink five sailing ships with a single blow.

Later, Sabo, who obtained the Mera Mera berry ability, inherited this technique, but it is whiter than Ace’s and is made to look as if it has a higher heat.

  • Flame Net

The flames from his arms burn the earth and create a flame to block the opponent’s progress.

  • Fire gun

Hold the fingers of both hands in a gun-like shape and shoot fire bullets.
The bullet causes a small explosion at the same time as it hits, and it burns as it is.

  • Enkai

It creates a circle of fire around you, and It’s not a technique for a direct attack but a method like preparation for the next attack, such as “Fire Pillar.”

  • Enkai Hibashira

Continuing from “Flame Command,” create a pillar of fire that burns fiercely around you.

It boasts enough power to blow away an entire house without a trace, and it is possible to expand the attack range by activating “Flame Command” in advance. If used in the air, it can wipe out enemies directly below.

  • Great Fire Commandment (Daienkai)

“Flame warning” to be deployed more widely. You can also use it to prepare for the next attack, such as “Entei.”

  • Daienkai Entei

It is Portgas D Ace most excellent technique to create a gigantic mass of flames reminiscent of the sun on the scale of Banora Islandby gathering together the flames that unfolded inGreat Fire Command, “but there is no depiction after that, so the same power is not needed to be clarified.

  • Firefly Hidaruma

Scatter small flame bullets that emit faint light. After that, the flames attack the opponent at Ace’s signal, turning them into fireballs in the blink of an eye.

  • Shinka Shiranui

Swing both arms vigorously and shoot two spears of fire. The flaming spear physically pierces the opponent and causes them to burst into flames.

  • Crossfire

Cross the index fingers of both hands and shoot a pillar of fire that makes you think of a cross toward the opponent.

  • Mirror Flame (Kyoukaen)

Deploys a thick and massive wall of flames in front of you, intercepts the opponent’s attacks, and burns them down as they are.

Even Aokiji’s “Ice Block, Wild Pheasant Beak” couldn’t break through; on the contrary, it evaporated instantly.

Tricks Used outside of The Original

  • Daienkai Onibi
  • Hotarubi Kasen
  • Firefly Funadama
  • Shinka Shiranui Itto
  • Hikyaku


He was born 22 years ago in a small town called “Baterilla” in the South Seas, the son of the “Pirate King” Gor D. Roger and his wife, Portgas D. Rouge.

His mother, Rouge, who tried to hide Ace’s existence from the World Government, which was trying to purge Roger’s blood relations, carried him in her womb for about 20 months and gave birth to Portgas D Ace one year and three months after Roger’s execution. However, this took its toll on her; after the birth, she became weak from exhaustion.

Navy Lieutenant General Monkey D. Garp, who had heard from Roger before his death that he had a wife and child, visited Rouge and her son and received the newborn baby and the name Ace. He and Roger had come together and secretly rescued their beloved son from the government’s pursuit. Rouge died shortly after entrusting Portgas D Ace to Garp.

Portgas D Ace was entrusted to Carly Dadan, a female bandit who shames Mount Corvo in Garp’s homeland, the Kingdom of Goa, on the East Sea. By the time he can remember, he has heard so much about his father Roger’s bad reputation in the world that he begins to lead a rough life, spending all his time fighting with the thugs in the slums. Even then, he was strong in arms, and the DADAN gang had a lot of fun with him.


When he was five years old, he met the vagrant Sabo at a garbage mountain (the final disposal site of the Goa Kingdom) near the DADAN hideout and hit it off. Together they started collecting funds (pirate savings) for their journey by stealing from various places to become pirates.

When he was 10 years old, Garp’s grandson Monkey D. Luffy, like Portgas D Ace, was sent to live with the Dadan family. At first, Ace does not like Luffy and treats him ill, but when Porscheumi catches him, he helps Luffy with Sabo and recognizes Luffy for not revealing the location of the pirate savings account.

Sabor also came to stay at Dadaan’s hideout, and the three trained together against wild beasts and worked hard to achieve their dream of becoming pirates. During this period, they also develop a relationship with Makino, who comes to check on Luffy, and she helps him find new clothes and teaches him how to speak politely.

However, they were separated when Sabo, the son of a nobleman, was forcibly taken in by his father (Outlook III). Later, he and the Dadan gang confronted the pirate Blue Jam, who was trying to burn down the trash heap with vagrants on secret orders from the nobility. After defeating the blue jam, Portgas D Ace returned to the hideout with Dadan on his back, though he injured himself, and recovered safely after receiving treatment from Dadan’s men.

Later that day, Sabo tried to go to sea alone in a small boat to become a pirate before his brothers. Still, he accidentally crossed the ship of the Tenryujin, a world nobility who was about to land in the Kingdom of Gore that day. He brought them to their displeasure, and he disappeared after being fired.

The world judged that Sabo was dead, and the two brothers also grieved over his death. Portgas D Ace, enraged, recklessly tried to take revenge on the Tenryujin alone, but Dadaan told him, “Your father died and changed the times! You can break or live as you please after you become that good of a man. He is preached to and tied up as it is.

Later, after reading the letter that Sabo had acknowledged before his departure, Portgas D Ace cries his eyes out and regains his composure over his death, rekindling his dream of becoming a pirate once again. He gives Luffy, still crying, a boost, and together they resolve to “go out to sea when each of us turns 17 years old. They sometimes quarrel, but at the same time, they strengthen their bond and grow up to be solid and robust.

Time passed, and at the age of 17, Portgas D Ace was seen off from the beach of Mount Corvo by Luffy, Makino, the Dadaan family, and the village chief of Fusha, Oup Slap, and left for the sea without being noticed by the world. Only Dadan did not see them off but remained at the hideout. Portgas D Ace left a message of thanks with her men, and Dadan wept as she conveyed the message.

Formation of the Spade Pirates (Novel A)

After setting sail, Portgas D Ace, unfortunately, drifted ashore on the uninhabited island of the Sixties in the East Sea, where escape was impossible once he drifted ashore, and he ended up living a life of survival. He meets Masked Deuce, who has also washed ashore on the island. After many twists and turns, the two hit it off. During their survival, Portgas D Ace consumes a melasma fruit that washes up on the island and becomes a psychic, but with the addition of Deuce’s knowledge to Ace’s survival knowledge, a small flame-powered ship, “Striker,” is completed. The two quickly overcame the whirlpools that blocked their escape and finally got out to sea again.

After that, Portgas D Ace gathered a group of friends with their quirks, including Skull, the informant. Michal, a former teacher and navigator, and Kotatsu the lynx, officially formed the Spade Pirates, a pirate group with himself as captain. He enters the Great Passage, engaging in battles with Iska, Dorough, and other marines and attracting attention as a rising pirate star.

To Wano Country

While continuing their voyage in the New World, the aces approached the waters of Wanokuni and drifted ashore to enter the country.

In the village of Hatsumasa in Kuri, where they had drifted ashore, villagers were on the verge of starvation due to a lack of food, they took all the food on the ship while they were unconscious, but the aces did not care. During this time, he made the acquaintance of Otama, who was 5 (actually 4) years old at the time, and he spent several weeks interacting with her and the villagers during his stay.

After learning of the current situation in Wanokuni, Portgas D Ace proceeded to Onigashima to challenge “Kaidou of the Hundred Beasts,” the Four Emperors who effectively controlled the country. Ace, who entrusted his friends with rescuing the children of Wanokuni who were being held captive on Onigashima and escorting them back to Japan, remained alone on Onigashima and continued the battle with Yamato. After the war, he broke the spell on Yamato’s heart.

After the battle, the two hit it off and had a drinking party and talked about what had happened to each other. Portgas D Ace, in particular, spoke about Luffy many times and inadvertently told him about the “end of Luffy’s dream,” but Yamato knew it was the same thing that happened to Roger, so he did not laugh.

Ace received his bible card made by Yamato as they parted, and the two promised to meet again at sea.

Portgas D Ace returned to the village of Henshikasa, where Otama lived, to join his friends, and decided to leave Wanokuni when he nearly finished the hat he had learned to make over time. Obama bids Ace and the others farewell and begs them to let her join the pirates.

To the Whitebeard Pirates

Later, on a particular winter island, he met the “Red-Haired Pirates” led by Shanks, who was also Luffy’s benefactors and fulfilled one of his travel goals of thanking them for saving his brother Luffy in the past. When Shanks and his crew learned that he was Luffy’s older brother, they were pleased to hold a banquet to welcome the pirates.

After meeting Shanks, who is also one of the Four Emperors, Portgas D Ace set his sights on a higher level and fought Edward Newgate, aka “Whitebeard,” who was called “the strongest pirate in the world” at the time and had once been a rival of his father, Roger. He also tried to challenge Edward Newgate, “Whitebeard,” who was once a rival of his father, Roger. However, Jinbeh, a Fishman who owes him an irreplaceable debt of gratitude, stands in Ace’s way, and after a fierce five-day battle, the two men draw.

Just as the two men collapse from wounds and exhaustion, Whitebeard, who has heard rumors about Portgas D Ace, finally shows up.

Portgas D Ace rallies his body, exhausted from the previous battle, and challenges Whitebeard alone with his entire pirate crew, but he is defeated. However, Whitebeard, who liked his young and reckless character, invited Ace and his team to join Whitebeard’s pirates. Ace kicked off the invitation, saying, “Don’t be a fool !!!! Portgas D Ace kicked off the invitation and tried to attack again, but he soon fainted due to exhaustion from the fierce battles with Jinbeh and was carried aboard Whitebeard’s ship.

When first put him on the ship, he made more than 100 attempts to take Whitebeard’s head but failed at every attempt. Marco and Satch, the ship’s captains, took care of him each time, and Marco told him why Whitebeard and the crew called him “Oyako” (father and son).

Chasing Blackbeard

Soon after becoming captain, an incident occurred in which Marshall D. Teach, a subordinate in his unit, killed his friend Satch and escaped from the pirates’ group.

Whitebeard and the other captains, concerned about Teach’s intentions, tried to make a “special exception” and dismiss the incident. However, outraged by his sense of responsibility as captain and the fact that he had killed his friend and betrayed his father, Portgas D Ace ran out to sea alone in pursuit of Teach without hearing Whitebeard or his comrades’ protests.

Teach later took the alias “Blackbeard” and formed the “Blackbeard Pirates” with five sailors. He did not want him, but he committed numerous acts of barbarism in various parts of the sea, including the destruction of a kingdom by a small group of elite sailors.


While pursuing Teach, he meets Luffy for the first time in a long time in the Kingdom of Alabasta. Luffy, who has not seen Portgas D Ace since he became a pirate, is surprised at the unexpected reunion and the fact that his brother has become a supernatural being.

Without time to rejoice at the reunion with his brother, who has grown up and is now the captain of a pirate group, he helps Luffy, who is being chased by Smoker’s troops at the navy headquarters. On their ship, the Going Merry, he met Luffy’s fellow pirates for the first time, expressed his gratitude to them for taking care of him, and asked them to continue taking care of him, showing his kindness as an older brother.

He also asked Luffy and his friends to join the Whitebeard Pirates if they were willing to do so, but Luffy immediately said “no,” and smiled at his typical reply.

Ace’s Blackbeard Great Search Line

In the doorstep serial “Ace’s Blackbeard’s Big Searches,” Portgas D Ace is kicked into the river by angry townspeople after causing problems in a particular town, including (the usual) eating and drinking without money and violent incidents (due to mistaken identity).

Portgas D Ace is rescued by a young girl named Moda, a milk vendor at a dairy farm where he has washed up. To repay her kindness by delivering her letter to a specific person, he infiltrates the “Navy G-2 Branch” commanded by Lieutenant General Cornell. For a time, he disguises himself as a marine and blends in at the base. Still, even here, he causes problems, including a violent incident after hearing a bad word about Whitebeard and igniting a top-secret information ship in Halide, where the base coffee is bitter, and the marines pursue him.

Marineford Paramount War

At the naval headquarters in Marine Ford, the execution of Portgas D Ace was about to take place under the strictest of circumstances, with the Commander-in-Chief Sengoku at the helm, the hero Garp, the Chief of Staff Vine, the three generals, the Shichibukai, and other brave generals who had fought in many battles.

At the beginning of the broadcast, Senkoku told the assembled marines and the people watching the broadcast that he was the “son of the Pirate King Gold Roger” as the reason for executing Portgas D Ace on such strict alert. People were awed by the fact that the infamous Roger’s bloodline had survived, and Ace once again experienced the humiliation of having his existence denied by the public in the name of his cursed biological father.

Then, an all-out war finally breaks out between the “Whitebeard” fleet and the Navy and the Royal Shichibukai, with the custody of Portgas D Ace at stake.
Senkoku attempts to have the execution of Ace hastened and carried out immediately in the middle of the Summit War but fails due to Luffy’s unintentional activation of “High King’s Color High Aura. Whitebeard and his men discover Luffy’s potential and support him with their entire army, hoping for a ray of hope for Luffy.

In the final stages of the war, Luffy breaks through the naval camp with a desperate strategy led by the Whitebeard pirates during a massive battle. Portgas D Ace is finally released by the hands of Gardino, who had been hiding alone and waiting for an excellent opportunity to free him.

With Luffy’s outstanding coordination, they kick the Marines to the ground, and when the Whitebeard allied forces confirm that Portgas D Ace is safe, they immediately start to retreat.

Meanwhile, Whitebeard Edward Newgate, realizing his mortality from the worsening of his chronic illness and the wounds he received in the battle, tries to escape the Whitebeard Pirates.

His pirates, with his remaining strength, says, “You and I part ways here. !!!! All of you! Live! Return safely to the New World! He gives his final captain’s order, “Return safely to the new world! When he stood on the front line, he made a large crack in the ground to cut off his retreat route (and the pursuit of the Marines) and stood up to the Navy, ready to die in battle.

Portgas D Ace, too, bowed deeply to Shirohige, who had been his “father” to this day, tearfully expressed his gratitude, and ran toward the warship with Luffy and Jinbeh.


  • Grave Marker

Shanks and the Red-Haired Pirates took over the bodies of Portgas D Ace and Whitebeard after the war ended, and their graves were buried near the island where Whitebeard’s home was located in the New World. Ace’s grave marker is accompanied by his trademark hat, knife, and belt with the holder that held them.


  • Popular

Past popularity poll results

1st(Before appearance)
2nd time8th place
3rd time10th
4th5th place
5th6th place
6th5th place

He was one of the most popular characters from the beginning of his career. Although he did not play an active role in the story, he has maintained strong popularity for more than 10 years after his death in the original story.

In fact, in the past six rounds of popularity polls, he had never fallen out of the top 10, except first round when he had yet to make his debut, which shows his high popularity.

Incidentally, in the “Strongest Coolest ‘Aniki’ Character Ranking” conducted by goo ranking from November 05, 2016, to November 19, 2016, he was successfully chosen as the No. 1, beating out famous older brother characters from manga and anime.

  • Anime Version

In the anime version, after reuniting with Luffy in Alabasta, he worked with the Straw Hat gang for a short period.

In an episode from his childhood, he met an older man named Nagri, a former pirate, shortly after he started living with his brothers at a secret base to escape from Garp, who had returned home.

When a bear attacked him, the three were impressed by his strength and asked him to take care of them in their pirate training. He quietly left the place to avoid the name of Roger, whom he disliked.

For a while, he throws a tantrum about his father and has a falling out with his brothers. Still, after Nagri’s defeat, Roger tells him that he holds no grudge and that what he needs as a captain is trust rather than strength, and he begins to take his training seriously (or, instead, repairs the ship so Nagri can go out to sea again). Finally, the three of them worked together to defeat the giant tiger.

  • Game Version

He often appears in game titles ahead of other characters, and sometimes he appears together with Luffy and Sabo in the New World Arc.

In the original story of Pirate Warriors 2, not only do they fight together with Luffy and his crew, but at the beginning of the story, the deaths of Whitebeard and Ace are assumed never happened. While Whitebeard dies as in the original story, Ace survives until the end (Whitebeard can also survive if he meets the conditions). Furthermore, in J-Stars Victory Versus, Ace was a playable character in the ONEPIECE frame, ahead of all other team members except Luffy.

  • Novel Version

In the “novel A,” an outside story featuring Ace as the main character, the Spade Pirates are visiting the Shabondi Islands, where they meet Iska, a female marine who has been following them for a while long time.

A comic book version is scheduled to be serialized with illustrations by Boichi and name composition by Ryo Ishiyama. (Serialized from ONEPIECE magazine vol. 10)

  • About The Name

He takes his mother’s last name, Portgas, but if he had taken his father’s last name, he would be known as Goal D. Ace. And if the name is falsified by the government wanting to hide D’s intentions, he will be known to the public as Gold Ace. Is it some nutritional drink?

  • Portgas D Ace Ending

One of the “ONEPIECE Official YouTube Channel” projects is “I have friends, Tube!!!!” Mayumi Tanaka, who plays Monkey D. Luffy, appeared as a guest on the “ONEPIECE Official YouTube Channel” and told an episode when she asked Oda about Ace’s death.

According to Mr. Oda, “To make Luffy one step stronger, I drew Ace as a “dying character” from the beginning.

Is Portgas D. Ace brother of Luffy?

Born as Gōru D. Ace (Gōru D.Ace), he was the son of Gōru D. Roger and his lover Portgas D. Ruge and eventually became the older brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo. Ace was adopted by Monkey D. Garp, as had been requested by Roger before his undertaking.

Why is ACE’s Name Not Monkey D Ace?

Ace’s father is Gor D. Roger, and his surname is Portgas D. Rouge, his mother’s. Luffy’s grandfather was Monkey D. Garp, and his father was Monkey D. Dragon, so the Monkey family and the Portgas family are different. Garp initially took in Ace because he was Roger’s son and was not directly related to Luffy. D” is the so-called middle name, and there are eight names: “Monkey D. Luffy,” “Monkey D. Dragon,” “Monkey D. Garp,” “Gor D. Roger,” “Portgas D. Ace,” “Portgas D. Rouge,” “Marshall D. Teach,” and “Hagar D. Saulo.

Sauro says that D is a bloodline passed down from generation to generation, which means that Luffy, Ace, and the others all have D ancestors, but Whitebeard says it has nothing to do with blood relations.

Who is ACE’s lover?

There was too little information to summarize, so I will mention her name Jewelry Bonnie, Yamato, Isuka, but it seems that she is rumored to be one of the few women who got involved with Ace. Isuka, so that Isuka would love Ace.


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