Who is Ace in One Piece? (2023)

Who is Ace in One Piece? (1)

Monkey D. Luffy’s brother is none other than Portgas D. Ace. Even though they aren't blood-related, they share a strong sibling bond. Due to his bloodline, Ace is hunted by the World Government and was sentenced to be executed when caught. He made his official introduction during the Alabasta Arc when he went to meet Luffy on the Going Merry.

He was the captain of the Spade Pirates and later on joined the Whitebeard Pirates and became their Second Division Commander. He and Whitebeard shared a father and son-like relationship and he always looked out for Ace.

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  1. All about Portgas D. Ace
  2. The Life of Portgas D. Ace
  3. The abilities of Portgas D. Ace
  4. Special abilities of Portgas D. Ace
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    2. Haki
    3. Weapon
  5. Top fights of Portgas D. Ace
    1. Ace vs Blackbeard
    2. Ace vs Aokiji
    3. Ace vs Akainu
  6. Quotes of Portgas D. Ace
  7. FAQs
    1. Q. When was Ace born?
    2. Q. What was Ace's bounty before he died?

All about Portgas D. Ace

NamePortgas D. Ace
First Appearance in AnimeOne Piece Episode #91
Voice ActorsToshio Furukawa(Japanese Dub), Dwayne Tan(English Dub)
DOB1st January
AffiliationsWhitebeard Pirates
Occupation2nd Division Commander
OriginSouth Blue
Devil FruitMera Mera

The Life of Portgas D. Ace

Ace was supposed to be born five months after his father Gol D. Roger was executed, but his mother Portgas D. Rouge kept him in her womb for an additional fifteen months, i.e. almost a year after Roger died.

Who is Ace in One Piece? (2)

Ace was put under the custody of Monkey D. Garp and Curly Dadab. As a child, he came across a lot of people who hated Roger and thought that if he ever had a child, that child would be worthless. This used to anger Ace and he used to beat these people up.

At Gray Terminal, he met with Sabo and they bonded over the fact that they had the same dream, i.e. to become Pirates. They made a headstart in their dream by robbing people in Gray Terminal. Ace told Sabo about Luffy, a kid who was following him around and Sabo told Ace to come to live with him in Gray Terminal. Ace declined his offer.

One day, Luffy overheard their dream of becoming a pirate, and they thought that he should be killed in case he tries to expose them. Before they could do that, Luffy was captured by a big group of Pirates who were looking for Ace, as he had stolen from them. Eventually, Ace and Sabo manage to defeat them and save Luffy.

Who is Ace in One Piece? (3)

After this adventure, Ace lectured Luffy about his carelessness. After this incident, the three became the best of friends and always went on adventures together. They swore that they were sworn brothers from now on.

Sabo's father eventually found him and sent his men to get him back. He told his men that they could do whatever they wanted with Ace and Luffy. As Sabo couldn't see his brothers getting hurt, he said that he'll return without throwing a fit as long as his father lets Ace and Luffy go without any harm. Sabo was forced to say that Luffy and Ace had forced him to join him in on their crimes. Ace and Luffy were tied to a pole and their protests were ignored. They were going to be set on fire and as they were approaching and surrounding them, Ace cut himself and Luffy free and they ran away.

As the Bluejam Pirates caught up to them and asked them where the treasure was, Ace told them. However, the pirates took them both with them in order to verify the location of the treasure. When they got to know that Bluejam wanted to take revenge on the Nobles, even Sabo, Luffy lost it and he fought back and attacked them. As they held and hit Luffy, Ace's Haoshoku Haki activated in anger and knocked them all down. They subdued Ace and were ready to shoot him but the Dadan family came to their rescue and together, they beat Bluejam. Daman was able to get Ace and Luffy to safety but was severely injured by the flames, so they went to their hideout to treat her wounds.

Who is Ace in One Piece? (4)

Later on, Dogra told Ace that Sabo's ship had been gunned down by a World Noble and Ace wanted to avenge his brother, but Dadan refused to let him do so. Days later, he received a letter from Sabo telling him that he was alive. He decided to set out to sea early and to see his brothers again. This letter set his heart at ease and he went to Luffy and told him that together, they would train and become stronger and start their journey as pirates.

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The abilities of Portgas D. Ace

Who is Ace in One Piece? (5)

Ace had immense physical strength and endurance levels which were the result of the rigorous training he did as a kid. He had to fight wild beasts to live. He could even beat up thugs. We can see his strength levels in his fight against Blackbeard and his combat skills were quite formidable. He was on par with Yamato and Jinbei. His fight with Jinbei lasted for five days which showed his immense stability and stamina.

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Special abilities of Portgas D. Ace

Devil Fruit

As a kid, Ace ate the Mera Mera devil fruit which gave him the ability to create, control, and transform his body into the fire. He could create and unleash massive amounts of fire and cause large-scale damage and even annihilate cities. He could also make spears and use them in combat. He got his name as 'Firefist Ace' due to him transforming his fist into fire and shooting it in great sizes. He could make up firewalls for defenses and block his opponents.


Ace was one of the few people who could use all three types of haki. He knew how to use the Hoashoku Haki, which allows the users to exert their willpower over others. He hasn't been seen using this haki ever since he was a 10-year-old kid. He can also use the Busoshoku Haki, which allows users to use their spiritual energy to create an invisible armor around themselves, giving them offensive and defensive capabilities. He is quite proficient in using it and very skilled at it too.

Lastly, Ace even possessed the Kenbunshoku Haki, which allows the users to use the sixth sense to sense the presence, strength and emotions of others. It even gave the user prerogative abilities.


Ace is seen carrying around a knife but is never seen using it. The one time he's been seen using it was when he attempted to assassinate Whitebeard.

Top fights of Portgas D. Ace

Ace vs Blackbeard

This fight occurred when Ace went to avenge Thatch’s death who was killed by Blackbeard.

Who is Ace in One Piece? (6)

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Ace vs Aokiji

This fight took place during the Marineford War.

Who is Ace in One Piece? (7)

Ace vs Akainu

This battle took place during the Marineford War.

Who is Ace in One Piece? (8)

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Quotes of Portgas D. Ace

"I am fire itself. You can't even touch me."

"My fire burns everything... A truly invincible ability."

"That's the way! Keep supporting Luffy, okay!"

"I bear the mark of Whitebeard. I could never lose."

"Once I start a fight, neither side ever escapes."

"You've committed the worst crime you can commit on a pirate's ship. Now I have to deal with you, as commander."


Q. When was Ace born?

A. Ace was born on 1st January, aka New Year’s Day.

Q. What was Ace's bounty before he died?

A. Ace's bounty before he died was 550,000,000 berries.

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